Why BuzzWinx?

We’re a business management & marketing consulting team specialized in eCommerce, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, social media marketing, branding, web development and inbound marketing - with a series of related services. For instance, we can help with your business plan so you benefit from all of the above! Miami | Montreal | Los Angeles

Social Media as a Cross-Functional Business Activity

Social media gives you the best results when integrated with your business activities. We can develop a plan for your company, including training and coaching for your staff. In that regard, our goal is to be so good that we’ll become redundant!


We do it for you

We create social media experiences that translate into success for your business.

Social media is not about pushing your message to clients, it’s about listening and inter-acting, with a goal in mind. We can do it all for you, while you concentrate on what you do best!


We train you to do it

Social media is part of your customers’ journey with your organization. Do not improvise!

There are techniques to provide an engaging experience on social media. Managing social media shouldn’t be left to an unsupervised junior marketing intern. We’ll help build your team!


We help you do it

Social media channels and tools are constantly changing. So are customer expectations on social media!

We’ll monitor and coach your team to keep them up to date. It’s a team sport where the field and the rules keep on changing! You need a coach on the ball! That’s what we do.