Without proper & regular evaluation of your social media activities, you’re just an expensive yacht drifting with the wind on an ocean of indifference! Assessing (auditing) your social media presence and planning your digital marketing are 2 sides of the same coin. They both need the other one! And they both lead the yacht to its destination harbor.

Assessing where you currently stand with your social media channels is the first step to establishing a professional social media marketing plan.

We will look at your brand’s social media profiles, posting frequency, follower count, follower interaction levels and other metrics like that. For instance, how fast are your followers being answered - or are they being ignored? Are brand mention opportunities being capitalized on? What’s the relevance of the content you are sharing? Does your brand have a consistent personality within your online community?

Typically, this type of audit is best done over time (on a quarterly basis, for instance) to evaluate progress. Some data only makes sense when analyzed over time. Other data only makes sense when compared to your social media marketing plan. But… Let’s start somewhere? We can help you.

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