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Managing social media communities is our flagship service. Our team has extensive experience building brands, creating multimedia content and nurturing customer experiences. We apply these skills to your success!

What level of social media marketing management support do you need?

Our level of involvement can be adapted to the particular needs of your organization. In other words, our social media management services can and will adapt to your social media marketing strategy - and even your business plan as whole. We don't see social media as living in a silo! We're a different kind of social media agency.

  • We can be your social media department and do it all… From A to Z, as if we were your internal social media department.
  • We can help you recruit and train an internal team to be up to date with current industry standards and today’s customer expectations.
  • We can monitor your brand and coach your team for continuous improvement.

Social media is an essential part of any good sales, marketing, and customer service operation. "Managing social media" is no stand-alone job. It's a tool to support all of your business activities.

We’re part of your team. And we play to win! We have expertise in brand development and customer experiences - which we apply to social media.

What do we do for your customers?

Providing a world-class customer experience on your branded social media channels include:

  • Listening to your clients on your social media channels
  • Monitoring mentions of your brand and interacting with these people when appropriate
  • Communicating with your clients
  • Providing “social care” (customer service)

Additionally, we can create content for your brand and share it online to encourage participation by your clients and to keep your brand fresh in the mind of consumers. By “clients”, we mean past, present and future clients!

We can also plan and execute social media advertising campaigns for you.

What social media marketing services do you need?

Before we guide your team through the social media landscape, we can help them chart the course; establishing a branding strategy that ensures success. If you aren't sure where you’re going with your brand on social media, you can easily end up somewhere else!

Preparing this social media game plan usually starts with an audit of your brand on social media in comparison to your goals and your competitors. Our specialty is… You! We have recipes in our cookbook that we can adapt to your brand, your goals and your clients. Your customers expect a 2-way communication and we’ll design a plan that provides it to them.

Typically, the 2 main functional activities happening on social media for your business are: customer service & branded content. We can help you with both, under the umbrella of social media marketing management. We also offer social media training & coaching and social media monitoring. We can help with integrating social media to your sales & marketing functions and manage your social media advertising campaigns.

What social media platform can we manage for your business?

If it’s on social media, we can provide TLC for it!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Periscope
  • Google+

And any other social media platform that popped up yesterday!

Through our Content Marketing services, we can maintain your company blog. Your blog should provide good content for your social media channels and contribute to your SEO efforts.

What will you do, next, for the management of your social media marketing?

Simply contact one of our social media consultants and ask us anything you want to know!

Contact Us and let us know what your current business, marketing, branding and social media challenges are. Imagine if we had good solutions for you? (Hint: We most likely do!)

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