Why do you answer the phone when clients call? Why do you open the door of your store at 9AM? Stop wondering about social media! It’s where your clients are. They talk about you - and your competitors - on social media. Shouldn’t you be part of that conversation?

You want to engage, attract and retain clients. They're on social media!

Why BuzzWinx for Social Media?

Managing social media nowadays requires more than a social media expert. You need “customer experience”, "multimedia content" and “brand” experts who also understand the role of social media in your entire "business plan" and "digital marketing strategy". We're ready to grow your business.

Our Services

BuzzWinx is a business management consulting team specialized in branding, multimedia content production, social media marketing, website & mobile app development, brand ambassadors & influencers marketing, and inbound marketing - although we offer a series of other related services. For instance, there's no point diving into any of these until you have a clear business plan in place.

BuzzWinx has created, designed and developed a portfolio of business and marketing services that are intended to help you grow your business. We develop, monitor and grow your brand, with your team.

BuzzWinx has adapted most of these services to the particularities and specificities of the eCommerce and retail operators, exciting startups, online learning providers, online (OTT) streaming broadcasters, small & medium-sized businesses (SMEs), outdoor and scuba diving industry, cannabis industry and large brands in need of world class multimedia content. We've also adapted these services to professionals and personalities - your "personal" brand also matters online nowadays!

Because of our methodologies, we can quickly adapt these services to your own industry and the uniqueness of your brand. Give us a call to start this discussion!

Business & Marketing Planning

Branding & Re-branding

Be Visible, Valuable & Available

Interact, Communicate & Sell

Contact Us and let us know what your current business, marketing, branding and social media challenges are. Imagine if we had good solutions for you? (Hint: We most likely do!)

Our Services